Bingo (dog), Kentucky Abdominal Mass

Bingo's Story

Bingo is a Jack Russell mix that I got in November of 2000 for my friend that was diagnosed with lung cancer. My friend needed something to cheer her up and take her mind off the cancer and the treatments which took such a toll on her. We got Bingo at a shelter. She was six weeks old and the cutest thing ever. She spent a lot of time just cheering us all up. After my friend's death, Bingo and I moved to a farm in the country. She is a great farm dog and quite a comedian. At eight years old now, she is still a loving playful girl.

In 2008, we started to notice her not eating well and then she started getting lethargic. She did not even want to chase the squirrels and the birds. The next morning we found her not moving at all. We rushed her to the Vet and x-rays August 25, 2008, confirmed that she had a huge mass in her tummy. The vet sent us to a specialist the next day to do further testing and he told us that she had cancer. Her insides were one huge mass. He offered surgery and chemotherapy but with that no promise of her living beyond six months.

Knowing what chemo can do, we decided to forgo all of it. My friend Diane has been battling cancer herself. Through her friend Elaine Hulliberger she started taking Protocel and it had worked wonders for her. So we called Dr. Bell to get his opinion what to give Bingo and how much. We started her on the Protocel and within a few days she started eating better. Within a week she wanted to go outside with the other dogs. Within three weeks she was almost herself again. On Dec. 16, 2008, she is back to herself 100 percent.

She would not drink water with Protocel in it but when I diluted it and placed it in an eyedropper she would take it just fine. She would even let me know when it was time for her doses, which were four times a day.

A couple of times we tried to stop and she would do okay for a while but then start to be sickly again so we would start the doses again. She was on the Protocel until this summer when, in July, we took her off the Protocel. We kept her off Protocel for a while to see if she would remain healthy, and she did. Now she is doing just fine. She is a playful wonderful dog who enjoys life. I would love to get new tests run on her but it is just too costly.

So, now we have two cancer survivors: Diane and Bingo!

Susan Sliger, Dog's owner
November 2009